Katsuya Endoh

Programmer, Artist

Katsuya Endoh is an artist and programmer based in Tokyo. He works beyond the field of informatics. Graduated in 2016 from Information Science, Meisei University. Department to human computer interaction 2014 ~ 2016. Working as a web development company and Part-time Lecturer at Meisei University. He is developing a web page, which translates the official reference of p5.js into Japanese.



  • 2023NICOGRAPH International 2023 "Mixed Soundscape and Cityscape"Best Poster Award
  • 2022NICOGRAPH 2022 "RandoMove: Proposal for programmable displays"(co-author)Demonstration Prize
  • 2019NICOGRAPH 2019 "A Study in Scarlet: Proposal and Consideration of Visualization Method of Relationship between Kanji Used for Color Words and Colors Represented by Color Words"Poster Prize
  • 2019NICOGRAPH 2019 "Color Avatar: Interactive Art to Visualize Individuality"(co-author)Poster Prize
  • 2017Yahoo! JAPAN Hack Day 10th aniv. "DevLapse"Prize
  • 2017Yahoo! JAPAN Hack Day 2017 "The Graveyard Maze"Grand Prize

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