Robotic Drum Machine Workshop
Robotic Drum Machine Workshop2024

Shosei Oishi, Takuya Taketomi, Kouta Kikuchi and participants

A workshop was held to experience computer-aided rhythm making and then create a Robotic Drum Machine.


"RadioScape" is a sound installation art piece. Through this work, visitors can listen to microscopic environmental sounds that are normally inaudible through the use of a radio. In other words, the visitor experiences a soundscape that is different from the environmental sounds heard by the human ear.

Mixed Soundscape and Cityscape
Mixed Soundscape and Cityscape2023

Kouta Kikuchi and Miu Kanematsu

Various soundscapes have been created in Tama New Town. And many more will be created in the future. To consider past, present, and future soundscapes We have developed a system that collects the sounds of Tama and reorganizes the soundscapes.


An OSC (Open Sound Control) broadcast server that can be started from the command line. It is a Rust implementation of oscP5broadcaster. oscP5broadcaster is a sample application of oscP5.


LightTuio is an application that detects light from an image input from a camera and sends its coordinates via TUIO. By using an infrared camera, interactions with screens and tables can be easily implemented.

Liquefied Voice Graffiti
Liquefied Voice Graffiti2023

Through Liquefied Voice Graffiti, you can experience graffiti art using your voice. By blowing your voice into a spray can shaped device, you can draw graffiti art in the real world.


XScape is a landscape painting by computer. This is a painting in which a computer transfers a landscape depicting weather forecasts, radio sounds, etc. onto a canvas, and then adds detailed painterly expressions on top of it by human hands.

Liquefied Voice
Liquefied Voice2022

Through Liquefied Voice, you can experience graffiti art using your voice. The voice recorded on the smartphone is analyzed and converted into spray ink to draw graffiti art in AR.

A Study in Scarlet
A Study in Scarlet2019

"A Study in Scarlet" is a work that visualizes the relationship between kanji and color used in color words by breaking down color words into kanji.
p5js.jp2018 is the Japanese translation of the p5.js website. This is forked from p5.js-website.

The Graveyard Maze
The Graveyard Maze2017

Shinichiro Yoshida, Yukihiro Katsumi and Hikari Fukasawa

"The Graveyard Maze" is a maze exploration set in a cemetery. The maze can be experienced in VR. The structure of the maze can be edited in real time using physical blocks.


Shinichiro Yoshida, Yukihiro Katsumi and Hikari Fukasawa

DevLapse is a "four-dimensional miniature" that allows you to create real-world miniatures in AR and feel the passage of time in that space.


ZXingP5 is QR Code library for Processing. This is based on ZXing. This can be used like AR. This was posted on the Make: Japan blog.

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